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You loaded the Samsung dryer before going to bed and when you woke up you were devastated to see that your clothes are still not dry even if the cycle has finished. It is understandable that at that moment you head will explode. What to do now? Who to call to fix Samsung dryer. Call us Samsung dryer repair Glendale. For more information about Glendale please visit

How to know when to Call Us?

It is sometimes difficult to decide if you need to call Samsung dryer repair Glendale. You might think that that weird noise is just a thing that an older dryer makes or you let it run even though the heating is not working properly. Always keep in mind that you need to call a repair service as soon as possible because if you don’t you increase the chances of never get your dryer working properly or it will stop to work for good. Also, your safety is at risk. So call 424 253-1830 even if you here the slights change when the dryer runs.

If you hear a Clanking noise first check a few things before you call us. The problem can be so small that you won’t need to call us. If you check the following and the clanking noise still doesn’t stop then call us right away:

  • Check to see if the buckles are fastened
  • Check if the zippers on your clothes zipped
  • See if keys, cell phones or coins are spinning inside

If the dryer runs but there is no heat you should call us. Here the problem is the thermal resistor or the thermostat. In sum cases, Samsung dryer heating element replacement is needed.

Plugged Dryer but it Doesn’t Work

If you plug your dryer and it doesn’t start you need to check few things before calling for a Samsung dryer technician.

If the cord and the breakers are good but still doesn’t start to check the following:

  • See if the dryer’s thermal fuse is damaged. This usually happens due to surge or power outage. This fuse blows in order to prevent fire. This part is inexpensive and easy to replace.
  • Every Samsung dryer needs its door switch to be engaged in order to work. But it still doesn’t work clean the lint with a cotton swab and try again. If nothing happens it is time to call us because you might need Samsung dryer repair service right away.
  • If the drum won’t start turning but the dryer reaches the needed temperature you need to check and see if the rubber belt is broken or loose. This is also inexpensive and very easy to change it with a new one.

Here is one tip to keep in mind: If you notice that your clothes are covered in that annoying lint then it means it Is time to clean the lint filter. If it is full the air won’t go through freely. The dryer will work longer than needed.

Call Samsung Dryer Repair Glendale 424 253-1830

If you prolong and wait to call us when your dryer stops working the repairs might be big. This means more time to fix and you will spend more on parts and the repair hours. That is why you need to trust us and call 424 253-1830 if the problem seems small.

Our technicians are professional and with years of experience. They won’t charge you for something that doesn’t need repairing. In fact, they will help you with tips on how to take care of your dryer so that it can last many years. When we are talking about our technician you must know that they always come prepared. The vans are always stocked with the necessary replacement parts so even if your Samsung dryer needs Samsung dryer belt replacement it will be done right away. Fill out our form

Call 424-253-1830 and you will get the best Samsung dryer service in Glendale.