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Looking for a Samsung dryer repair Venice? You have landed on the right page. We are a company for Samsung dryer service that you can really trust. We offer high-quality Samsung dryer repair service, vent system maintenance and original replacement parts. For more information about Venice CA, please visit

Dryer Maintenance Saves Your Money

We are not like other repair service companies. We don’t want to just do the repair and take your money. We want to see you happy and spread a positive word about your experience with us. That is why we offer more than just repair. Whenever you need any advice or tips on how to take care of your dryer you can ask us on 424 253-1830.

Proper Samsung dryer maintenance is maybe the most important part. If you don’t clean the lint trap after each drying your dryer won’t work as it should, It will take longer to dry and your clothes might end up covered with lint. This means your bill will be higher. Also, a clogged vent can be the source for many other dryer malfunctions and it is the most common source of home fires.

So make sure that you schedule a regular vent system maintenance. We use the best tools that help us clean it in just a few minutes without making your home a mess.

When do you need to clean the vent? This depends on how many times you use your dryer weekly. If you use it just a few times a week you might need vent maintenance once a year. But if you use it 2 or more times per day you need to clean the vent once every three months.

Our Repair Service

Today technology gets updated every day and so the Samsung dryers get new upgrades too. This means that if a technician doesn’t get proper training for the newest upgraded you won’t get the service you are expecting Samsung dryer repair Venice. That is why we make sure that our team gets training sessions and visit seminars where they can learn about the new advancement.

We are licensed and fully bonded business with a team that is organized. Thanks to all that training and years of experience they can deal with any issues that your dryer might be suffering. Whenever you notice a problem and whatever that problem can be you can relax and trust us. Plus, whether you need Samsung dryer belt replacement or filter replacement we have original parts for an amazing prize. This not only helps us finish the job faster but we are saving you from searching for hours to buy the right part.

Our Technicians will provide:

  • In-home repair to any Samsung dryer malfunction
  • Fast and high-quality maintenance, repair and part replacement
  • The best tips for regular maintenance that you can do yourself
  • Reasonable and upfront pricing

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Letting your dryer run even though you see that it is acting up will only cost you more when you decide to call a Samsung dryer repair Venice service near me. Small malfunction will cost you nothing compared to a big problem just because you have waiting. Call 424 253-1830 even if you think that the problem is too small for a Samsung dryer technician to visit you.

When you call 424 253-1830 you can inform our operator about the problem. You can freely describe the signs you are seeing. If the problem is small he will explain how to easily fix it yourself. But if not, you will be asked if you want a same day service. Plus if you give enough info about your dryer you will get approximate pricing. Fill out our online form

Also, when you call don’t forget to schedule regular maintenance of the vent system. Think about it, an efficient dryer means lower bills and shorter drying cycle. But the most important thing is that your home will be fire hazard free.

Call us now 424 253-1830 and see for yourself:

  • Every work is warrantied, the parts and the workmanship
  • Qualified and Experienced Technicians
  • Affordable and upfront pricing
  • Family friendly and polite technicians
  • Service according to your own schedule